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The curriculum is effectively what we do in school. It consists of our aims, schemes and programmes of work to help your child to learn and to deliver the National Curriculum at the appropriate level for each year group. Since September 2014 a revised national curriculum has been in force. For further information on how we organise our curriculum, scroll down.



We aim to provide a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum, which promotes the development of the whole child. Whilst the teaching and learning of mathematics and English is a crucial part of everyday learning, the social, physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual growth of every child, is also a key part of our curriculum.  


The National Curriculum provides us with a curriculum which we use as a framework for planning meaningful activities to meet the needs of individual children.  From this framework, each year group develop themes through which subjects are taught. From Superheros to Ancient Worlds, each theme gives pupils a context to learn which is pupil led, fun and motivating.



As part of our curriculum, pupils take part in weekly PSHE sessions which cover a range of topics.


The PSHE curriculum aims to provide schools with an explicit, structured whole-curriculum framework for developing children’s social, emotional and behavioural skills. If children have been taught to develop skills then this enables children to

  • * make and sustain friendships;
    * deal with and resolve conflict effectively and fairly;
    solve problems with others or by themselves;
    manage strong feelings such as frustration, anger and anxiety;
    be able to promote calm and optimistic states that promote the achievement of goals;
    recover from setbacks and persist in the face of difficulties;
    work and play cooperatively;
    compete fairly and win and lose with dignity and respect for competitors;
    recognise and stand up for their rights and the rights of others;
    understand and value the differences and commonalities between people, respecting the right of others to have beliefs and values different from their own. The vast majority of parents would support these aims.

Click here to find out more about how Ecclesfield supports British Values within our curriculum.

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If you have any further question about the curriculum at Ecclesfield, please get in touch. 

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Subject Overviews

Below is an overview of our curriculum. Each document contains a brief synopsis of what each year group covers for each National Curriculum subject.


English Subject Overview 2017-2018

Mathematics Subject Overview 2017-2018

PE Subject Overview 2017-2018

Music Subject Overview 2017-2018

PSHE & SMSC Subject Overview 2017-2018
Art and Design Subject Overview 2017-2018

Geography Subject Overview 2017-2018

History Subject Overview 2017-2018
Science Subject Overview 2017-2018

Computing Subject Overview 2017-2018

Religious Education Subject Overview 2017-2018

Languages Subject Overview 2017-2018

Design and Technology Subject Overview 2017-2018

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Yearly Overviews

Each Year group develops their own curriculum using the National Curriculum as guidance. As a school, we use a thematic approach to learning which simply means where possible, the children's learning is grouped together under a theme. The themes are regularly changed and discussed with the children so that their interests and talents are reflected in our learning.

See below for each year groups yearly overview.

Foundation Overview 2017-2018

Year One Overview 2017-2018

Year Two Overview 2017-2018

Year Three Overview 2017-2018

Year Four Overview 2017-2018

Year Five Overview 2017-2018       

Year Six Overview 2017-2018




Curriculum Newsletters:

Each half term, the class teachers put together some information for parents and carers about the learning that will be happening over the topic. If you do have any other questions, please see the class teacher.


Foundation Curriculum Newsletter Spring 1 2017-2018

Year One Curriculum Newsletter Spring 1 2017-2018

Year Two Curriculum Newsletter Spring 1 2017-2018

Year Three Curriculum Newsletter Spring 1 2017-2018

Year Four Curriculum Newsletter Spring 1 2017-2018

Year Five Curriculum Newsletter Spring 1 2017-2018

Year Six Curriculum Newsletter Spring 1 2017-2018