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Foundation Stage's Diary

We are a team of very happy staff and children. The staff include: Miss Amy Sabin (Class Teacher); Miss Rachel Newton (Class Teacher); Mrs Jo Hope (Teaching Assistant) Mrs Claire Blois (Teaching Assistant) and Mrs Janet Clarke (Teaching Assistant). We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum which promotes an exciting, first experience of school and helps to instill a love of learning in the children. We love to have fun and try to create a happy, relaxed and stimulating environment both inside and outside the classroom. We want to give the children a smiling start to their school career. Please have a look at our diary page to see us at work and play.


Hannah Smith - Thursday, March 01, 2018

Happy Snow Day!!

Here are some activities to do at home...

1. Take a photo and write a sentence about your day in the snow to put in your homework book. 

2. Painting in the snow. 

3. Bring some various sized snowballs into the house on a tray-explore what happens to them. Which melt first? Why?

4. Time how fast you can sledge down a hill. Race a friend or family member. Who has traveled the furthest? 


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