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Why do we have the School Council?

Our School Council is a group of children from Y2 to Y6. Two representatives (a boy and a girl) are elected from each class on a yearly basis to raise issues, represent views and conduct surveys with the Headteacher and other members of the Senior Leadership Team. They help to make Ecclesfield Primary School even better than it already is!

Being a School Councillor is an important responsibility. There are lots of jobs such as:-

The Chairperson is somebody who holds the meetings.
The Secretary is someone who writes down ideas and discussions held in meetings.
Vice Chairperson
The Vice Chairperson is somebody who takes over all the roles and responsibilities of the Chairperson if they can’t attend a meeting.
The Treasurer is somebody who counts and records the money when our School Council is fund raising.
Class Reps
All the other School Councillors take part in the role of representing their class.

Being a School Councillor means that you:

  1. Get your ‘voice’ heard and your views taken seriously
  2. Help adults to understand what really matters to you, what you want and how it should be done
  3. Contribute to important changes in your school community such as a more play equipment, new sports or computing facilities
  4. Feel involved and are able to bring about change when it is needed
  5. Have the opportunity to develop skills such as working in groups with different people, representing their views, meeting new children and adults, conduct surveys and make decisions. These are essential life skills!