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Year 4's Diary

Welcome to Year 4. Our team is Mrs Kirman, Miss English, Mrs Mellor and Miss Harrison In year 4 we love to learn and discover new things. Keep updated with what we are up to by reading our blog.

Snow Day!

Ecclesfield Teachers - Thursday, March 01, 2018

Hi Y4,

Hopefully, you will be outside today enjoying the snow, building lots of snowmen and making lots of snow angels! 

Whilst you are having lots of fun outside, you could try one of the following activities:

- Can you write the times table in the snow before the snow covers it up again?

- Can you practise writing this weeks spellings in the snow?

Can you build an alien snowman based on the following rules:

- the number of buttons on his body must be a multiple of 4.
- the number of stones for his mouth must be a multiple of 6.
- the number of eyes must be a multiple of 3
- the arms must be parallel to the floor.
- the head must be an equilateral triangle.

We would love to see some of your creations! You could take a photograph or draw us a picture of your snowman.

If you would prefer to stay snug indoors today, here are some times tables websites to keep you busy.

Have fun Y4!

Mrs Kirman & Miss English