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Year 5's Diary

Year 5 is a really exciting year, full of lots of new learning and new experiences – whether its learning all about space, or travelling back in time to the Vikings. We will spend a lot of time this year looking at positive learning and teamwork skills which will be useful – not only this year, but as the children progress on their journey through school. Our team includes Miss Smith, Mrs Kirman, Mr Walker and Mrs Shepherd

Welcome back!

Ecclesfield Teachers - Monday, September 02, 2019

Welcome to year 5! We hope you had a fantastic summer full of excitement and adventure!

Our first topic of the year is going to be the Anglo Saxons and Vikings and how England was unified into one whole kingdom. We will look at the Anglo Saxons' lifestyle, villages, forts and kings. Then the Vikings arrived and we will discover how they changed the face of England forever!

To help with this we will be reading Beowulf by Michael Morpurgo to help understand village life in Dark Age England. 

In maths, we will begin the year by developing children’s number sense and looking at the value of digits in numbers to a million. This will include lots of reasoning and problem solving.

In science we will be looking at the life-cycle of plants and animals in the autumn term and hope to be outside investigating as much as possible whilst the weather stays this nice. 


Our reading morning will be Fridays in the Autumn term, please join us from 8:40-9am every week. Please help us out at home by encouraging your child to read at least 4 times a week and then discussing what they have read.

PE for Y5 will be Tuesdays and Wednesdays, but please make sure your child has their kit in school everyday.

This year we will keep in touch with you as much as possible to update you with your child's progress at school, inducing through Class Dojo. However please also talk to us straight away if you have any issues or concerns.

We look forward to what we know will be a brilliant year!

The Year 5 Team

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