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Year 5's Diary

Year 5 is a really exciting year, full of lots of new learning and new experiences – whether its learning all about space, or travelling back in time to Ancient Greece. We will spend a lot of time this year looking at positive learning and teamwork skills which will be useful – not only this year, but as the children progress on their journey through school. Our team includes Miss Smith, Miss Naylor and Miss Wilson.

Plans for Summer 1

Ecclesfield Teachers - Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Hello everyone!

What an amazing half term we’ve had! We learnt all about Sutton Hoo, wrote a balanced argument about the Easter Story and went on a school visit to Hesley Wood! It’s been busy.

After the Easter holidays, we’re starting a new topic ‘Where’s our place in Space?’ This is an exciting topic for Y5 and we cannot wait to get started with it. We will also launch our new Science topic ‘All Living Things and their Habitats’.

Our new class book will be Grimm Tales and we’re really looking forward to reading some gruesome stories from it! This will link to our writing too.

We will start by rounding whole and decimal numbers in Maths. If you’d like to get a head start with this, go to Mathletics and practise!

We will continue to do the daily mile so please send a spare pair of trainers each day.

Thank you, and have a lovely Easter break.

Y5 team

Snow activities

Ecclesfield Teachers - Thursday, March 01, 2018
As school is closed today, it would be great if the children could complete the following tasks:


This week, we started to focus on angles. Please draw 3 acute angles and 3 obtuse angles and then estimate they're sizes.


At the beginning of the week, we watched a clip called Broken. Please list the key events of the parts of the clip we have watched so far to refresh your memory ready for writing when we return to school!


Tomorrow is World Book Day at Ecclesfield! Please read the first 2 or 3 pages of your favourite book and out loud to an adult with intonation and then summarise what has happened.

Have a great day year 5!

Miss Smith and Miss Naylor

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Ecclesfield Teachers - Thursday, December 21, 2017

This half term has been a brilliant one, and we imagine next half term will be just as good as we start our new topic ‘Anglo-Saxons and Vikings – Friends or Foes?’ This topic will link to our history and geography learning, as we discover who the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings were and what we learnt from them.

We will also be starting a new science topic all about forces. The children be will learning all about the different types of forces including friction, air resistance and gravity and we can’t wait!


PE next half term will be Monday and Friday for Y5S and Monday and Wednesday for Y5N.


We will also be continuing with the daily mile each morning, so please make sure your child has a coat, and appropriate footwear to change into.


We hope you have a lovely break and a great Christmas. See you in the new year!

Well done!

Ecclesfield Teachers - Thursday, October 26, 2017

Well done to everyone in year 5 on an amazing half term. We’ve done some really tricky maths such as long multiplication and short division. We’ve also written diaries, narratives and poems. You’ve all worked so hard and we are so pleased! We also loved visiting Magna and this will help us with some of our writing for the first week back.

Next half term, we will continue with Harry Potter as our class book, and our Topic and Science focuses will stay the same. We’ve had a fantastic start to the year with ‘What makes the Earth angry?’ as our topic and we cannot wait to make papier mache volcanoes and explode them! Our Materials topic for Science has started brilliantly as well, and next half term we will be looking at reversible and irreversible changes.

We will also be continuing with the daily mile! Please bring a change of trainers each day.

Homework- Our new homework project has been sent out and you will present what you have done to the rest of the class. We can’t wait to see these!


Ecclesfield Teachers - Tuesday, September 05, 2017

Hello and welcome to Year 5! We hope that you all enjoyed your summer holiday. This year, the year 5 team will be Miss Smith, Miss Naylor, Miss Wilson, Mrs Neville and Miss Mason.


Our first topic is “What makes the Earth ANGRY?” This is a fantastic topic to kick the year off with and previous year groups have loved it. We will link our learning of natural disasters to key history and geography concepts, such as place, chronology and cause and effect. We will also explode papier mache volcanoes!




Y5S- You will have P.E. on Wednesday and Friday.

Y5N- You will have P.E. on Monday and Wednesday.

Please make sure that you come to school prepared with an indoor and outdoor kit on the first day back.


We will also be doing the daily mile, so please make sure you have brought a change of shoes each day.


Homework- Homework projects will be sent out each half term, and you will present what you have done to the rest of the class.

We can't wait for a fantastic year and we hope you're excited too!