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Year 5's Diary

Year 5 is a really exciting year, full of lots of new learning and new experiences – whether its learning all about space, or travelling back in time to Ancient Greece. We will spend a lot of time this year looking at positive learning and teamwork skills which will be useful – not only this year, but as the children progress on their journey through school. Our team includes Miss Smith, Miss Naylor and Miss Wilson.


Ecclesfield Teachers - Tuesday, September 05, 2017

Hello and welcome to Year 5! We hope that you all enjoyed your summer holiday. This year, the year 5 team will be Miss Smith, Miss Naylor, Miss Wilson, Mrs Neville and Miss Mason.


Our first topic is “What makes the Earth ANGRY?” This is a fantastic topic to kick the year off with and previous year groups have loved it. We will link our learning of natural disasters to key history and geography concepts, such as place, chronology and cause and effect. We will also explode papier mache volcanoes!




Y5S- You will have P.E. on Wednesday and Friday.

Y5N- You will have P.E. on Monday and Wednesday.

Please make sure that you come to school prepared with an indoor and outdoor kit on the first day back.


We will also be doing the daily mile, so please make sure you have brought a change of shoes each day.


Homework- Homework projects will be sent out each half term, and you will present what you have done to the rest of the class.

We can't wait for a fantastic year and we hope you're excited too!