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Year 5's Diary

Year 5 is a really exciting year, full of lots of new learning and new experiences – whether its learning all about space, or travelling back in time to Ancient Greece. We will spend a lot of time this year looking at positive learning and teamwork skills which will be useful – not only this year, but as the children progress on their journey through school. Our team includes Miss Smith, Miss Naylor and Miss Wilson.

Well done!

Ecclesfield Teachers - Thursday, October 26, 2017

Well done to everyone in year 5 on an amazing half term. We’ve done some really tricky maths such as long multiplication and short division. We’ve also written diaries, narratives and poems. You’ve all worked so hard and we are so pleased! We also loved visiting Magna and this will help us with some of our writing for the first week back.

Next half term, we will continue with Harry Potter as our class book, and our Topic and Science focuses will stay the same. We’ve had a fantastic start to the year with ‘What makes the Earth angry?’ as our topic and we cannot wait to make papier mache volcanoes and explode them! Our Materials topic for Science has started brilliantly as well, and next half term we will be looking at reversible and irreversible changes.

We will also be continuing with the daily mile! Please bring a change of trainers each day.

Homework- Our new homework project has been sent out and you will present what you have done to the rest of the class. We can’t wait to see these!