Hello and Welcome

Here at Ecclesfield Primary School, we are determined to give every single child the opportunity to develop their full potential. We do this by ensuring the children are immersed in an intelligent, stimulating and broad curriculum which is delivered within a nurturing environment.

We want our children to become resilient, collaborative and confident so that they are comfortable with accepting challenges which become progressively more demanding as they move through school. Well-being is the key to happiness and so we supply our children with a wide range of opportunities and memorable experiences.

Finding a passion for learning and becoming experts in an area of choice is positively encouraged. Eloquence, reflective thinking and creativity are developed through our broad and balanced curriculum. Ensuring children leave Ecclesfield Primary School numerate and literate is a non-negotiable and one which the staff work very hard to achieve.

A positive and supportive working partnership with parents is essential if children are to achieve their academic potential.  Thus parents are very much encouraged to visit as often as possible, formally and informally, so they can see for themselves what we do.

Our staff are friendly, well-trained and enthusiastic. Our children - quite delightful! If you require any further details about any aspect of our school, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Joanne Eagleton

Executive Headteacher



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