Letters Home

Our preferred delivery written correspondence to parents and carers is via ParentMail.

In the table below, you will be able to view the main letters which have been circulated.

Email Date of Letter Year Group Description Link to the Letter
11/06/2021 Whole School Beat the Street Click here
13/05/2021 Y2 Rugbytots Club Click here
13/05/2021 Y1 Multisports Club Click here
13/05/2021 Y5 Football Club Click here
13/05/2021 Y4 Fencing Club Click here
12/05/2021 Y6PT Crucial Crew Visit Click here
12/05/2021 Y6N Crucial Crew Visit Click here
10/05/2021 Whole School Relationships and Health Education Click here
22/04/2021 Y6 Maths Booster Sessions Click here
31/03/2021 FS Staffing Update Click here
24/03/2021 Whole School School Milk - Summer Term Click here
22/03/2021 Y3 Hockey Club Click here
22/03/2021 Y4 Football Club Click here
22/03/2021 Y2 Multisports Club Click here
22/03/2021 Y1 Rugbytots Club Click here
18/03/2021 Whole School Online Safety Letter Click here
17/03/2021 Whole School Parents Evening Summer 1 Term Click here
17/03/2021 Y1 / Y2 Y1 Y2 Entry Exit Arrangements Click here
09/03/2021 FS / Y1 FS Y1 Entry Exit Times Click here
24/02/2021 Y3 Greek Food Tasting Click here
24/02/2021 FS FS Staffing Update Click here
23/02/2021 Whole School Re-opening of School on Monday 8th March Click here
02/02/2021 Y4, Y5, Y6 Home Reading Letter Click here
01/02/2021 Whole School Inset Days and February Half Term Click here
01/02/2021 FS, Y1, Y2, Y3 Home Reading Letter Click here
29/01/2021 FSM Pupils February Half Term FSM Vouchers Click here
08/01/2021 FS / Y1 Change to Exit and Entry Arrangments Click here
08/01/2021 Key Workers Key Worker School Place Click here
06/01/2021 Key Workers Breakfast and After School Club Click here
05/01/2021 Whole School Letter to Pupils from J Eagleton Click here
18/12/2020 Whole School Christmas Concert Click here
18/12/2020 FS NELI Programme Click here
18/12/2020 Whole School Letter from J Eagleton Click here
15/12/2020 Whole School Christmas Dates Click here
11/12/2020 Y3 Film Permission Click here
09/12/2020 Whole School School Milk - Spring Term  Click here
09/12/2020 Y6 Film Permission Click here
03/12/2020 Whole School Emergency Closure Procedures Click here
03/12/2020 Whole School Recovery Update Click here
02/12/2020 Y6 SATs Revision Books Click here
02/12/2020 FSN Parents Meetings Click here
02/12/2020 FSP Parents Meetings Click here
27/11/2020 Whole School Xmas Dates & Info Click here
18/11/2020 Y1 Reading Records Click here
17/11/2020 Whole School After School Sports Club Click here
16/11/2020 Whole School Odd Socks Day Click here
10/11/2020 Y1S Miss Garner's Return Click here
09/11/2020 Y6 Height and Weight Checks Click here
06/11/2020 Whole School Uniform Swap Shop Click here
02/10/2020 FS Phonics Workshop Click here
30/09/2020 Y1 - Y6 Parents Meetings Click here
27/09/2020 Y2 Exit and Entry Arrangements Click here
24/09/2020 Whole School Letter from PHE Click here
23/09/2020 Whole School Recovery Curriculum Click here
22/09/2020 Whole School School Uniform and PE Kit Click here
21/09/2020 Y5 + Y6 Letter from Yewlands Academy Click here
18/09/2020 Whole School Revised Entry and Exit Times Click here
18/09/2020 Whole School Medical Tracker Click here
16/09/2020 Y4W Y4W Swimming Lessons Click here
16/09/2020 Y4B Y4B Swimming Lessons Click here
15/09/2020 Whole School Autumn Census Day Menu Click here
02/09/2020 Whole School Drop Off and Collection Click here