The curriculum is effectively what we do in school. It consists of our aims, schemes and programmes of work to help your child to learn and to deliver the National Curriculum at the appropriate level for each year group. Since September 2014 a revised national curriculum has been in force.

At Ecclesfield, we aim to provide a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum, which promotes the development of the whole child. Whilst the teaching and learning of mathematics and English is a crucial part of everyday learning, the social, physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual growth of every child, is also a key part of our curriculum.

Our curriculum continues to evolve by considering the current needs of our pupils alongside our school’s vision, community issues, values, relevance, statutory requirements, cultural aspects, climate and school development priorities.

Our curriculum provides the pupils with an understanding of the subject specific concepts knowledge and skills, which they will need in the future to support their ambitions to be whatever they want to be: a scientist, historian, geographer, musician, engineer, artist, mathematician, author, chef, plumber, electrician, landscape gardener, web designer etc.

Our determined ambition is for our pupils to have a positive mental health, to be literate, numerate and have a broad understanding of how and why the world around them works.

If you wish any further information on our curriculum, please contact the school office. 

What does our curriculum look like? 

English (including reading, writing and GPVS) and Maths are taught as both discrete topics and integrated across the curriculum where it is relevant to do so. Children in Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 have daily phonics sessions to support early reading and writing and this is continued into Key Stage two as appropriate. As a school we have fidelity to Essential Letters and Sounds (ELS).Please click here for further information on Phonics.

Foundation subjects are approached in a flexible way throughout the school; taught both as discrete subjects and in an integrated way.  We work together to plan out the NC PoS coverage to ensure adequate coverage throughout the key stages. The school adopts a concept based (key ideas) approach to learning throughout school from EYFS to Y6. Children return to key ideas frequently so that concepts (key ideas) are reinforced and mastered by the end of KS2. We are currently developing the vertical, horizontal and vertical links in order to build a 3D curriculum which will support pupils. 

Religious Education

For RE, Ecclesfield Primary follows the Sheffield LA agreed syllabus for RE. We use the Discovery RE scheme of work to support our teaching and learning of RE.


Wider Elements

Additional elements that support our vision, Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural development and British Values (mutual respect, tolerance of culture faiths and others, democracy, rule of law, Personal Responsibility and Liberty) thread throughout our curriculum and are explicitly linked to our curriculum topics. 


Extended Learning Opportunities

These include before and after school provision. Additional opportunities support various curriculum areas: Sports Club, Minecraft, Cooking, creative arts etc. (Please see our activities page for further details)

If you have any further question about the curriculum at Ecclesfield, please get in touch via the school office or class teacher. If you require paper copies of any information, please contact the school office.

Subject Overviews

Below is an overview of our curriculum. Each document contains a brief synopsis of what each year group covers for each National Curriculum subject.

Yearly Overviews

Each Year group develops their own curriculum using the National Curriculum as guidance. We have developed a language rich curriculum where words inspire us, reading transports us and a love of learning helps us to grow into the best that we can be.

Our themes and learning are regularly discussed with the children so that their interests and talents are reflected in our learning. The curriculum is carefully planned so that aspects and concepts are broken down into smaller component parts to form a cohesive progression framework.

See below for each year groups yearly overview.

Curriculum Newsletters:

Each half term, the class teachers put together some information for parents and carers about the learning that will be happening over the topic. If you do have any other questions, please see the class teacher.