Pupil Voice

Peer Mediators

The peer mediator workstream has been set up to enable trained pupils to mediate issues in the playground between other children peacefully. During lunchtimes, participants have the opportunity to talk through their disputes with the help of trained student mediators. Peer mediators are trained to be impartial and to not place blame on anyone.

Healthy Warriors

This group encourages our school community to think about making choices that are environmentally friendly and making healthier choices for themselves. Children are shown how they can reduce their carbon footprint by upcycling things that would normally be thrown away such as turning milk cartons in to bird feeders. This group supports others in trying to live a more active lifestyle.  By looking after our school garden we encourage the children to be active whilst growing healthy food that we then use in our after school cooking club Let’s get cooking. This helps us to reduce our food costs, lowers our carbon footprint, helps children to relax and hopefully encourages the children to continue doing what they have learnt.


Our Behaviour Group

At Ecclesfield Primary we take great pride in our behaviour as a school. As part of the behaviour team it is our role to ensure that pupils have a say in creating our school and classroom rules and the pupils work hard to uphold these rules at all times. It is also the job of the behaviour team to come up with fun and exciting rewards to thank the children for all their hard work. 


School Council

Ecclesfield Primary School’s school council have a range of important jobs within the school. Every year new School Council representatives from each class are chosen by the pupils. The School Council members meet regularly to discuss different topics such as, improvements to school, behaviour and rules and are given a chance to share any ideas from their classes. It is also the responsibility of the School Council to help decide which charities Ecclesfield Primary School are going to support that year and plan fundraising events for the school.