Autumn 1 in Year 2

Sunday 10 Sep 2023 15:54pm

Welcome back to a new school year.  We hope that you have had a wonderful holiday and are looking forward to the new school year. 

In maths, we shall be recapping our understanding of number, place value and partitioning.  We shall then move onto thinking about addition and subtraction – looking at new methods and strategies.

Our English lessons will focus on traditional stories with an exciting twist, such as The Big Bad Pig! This book will help us to write reports about wolves and create character descriptions of our own.  We shall practise our handwriting, phonics, reading and spelling every day.

We are looking forward to our geography learning this half term; looking at Planet Earth.  We will use maps and atlases to identify the oceans and continents.  To further our understanding of oceans and seas, we are also planning a ‘seaside’ day with lots of engaging activities!

Our science lessons are focussing on materials and their properties. We shall be doing lots of investigations into the different materials, their characteristics, suitability for use and where they are used in everyday life. 

We are very much looking forward to meeting all of you and having a wonderful year together!

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