Autumn 1 in Year 5

Sunday 10 Sep 2023 15:58pm


We hope that you had a delightful and relaxing summer break and are now geared up for what promises to be a thrilling year ahead!

Our class is embarking on a captivating journey with the book "The Firework Maker's Daughter," an amusing tale of an adventurous trip into the heart of a volcano. This will continue to promote the children's reading fluency skills. Wee encourage you to continue reading aloud at home with your child to support their fluency, development of their vocabulary and comprehension.

In mathematics, we will be reinforcing the children's understanding of numbers, focusing on place value, as well as the fundamental operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

In Geography, our learning will focus on mountains and volcanoes, delving into every part of these natural wonders. Our science curriculum promises to promote curiosity as we consider Animals including Humans and how we change as we grow up. This will also link with our Relationship and Health Education.

Linking to our geography, our art will see our pupils explore multimedia as we create a collage depicting a volcanic eruption!

Throughout the term, we'll be setting homework but encourage the children to keep practising on Times Table Rockstars. We shall reissue passwords  soon!

We are eagerly look forward to your return and the exciting year that await us!

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