Summer 1 in Year 5

Thursday 07 Apr 2022 12:23pm

Welcome to the Summer term! We are hoping it will be greeted by sunshine.

We are looking forward to all the learning that we have planned this half term.

Our class novel will change to Grimm Tales by Phillip Pullman. We will be reading this as part of our reading lessons as well as Storytime sessions and we will be focussing on identifying themes within each short story, making comparisons between other fairy tales that we know.

In Maths, we will be starting this half term but recapping the methods for the four operations before applying these to help solve a range of different problems. We will be using the wording of the problems to determine what operation is needed to solve it and then deciding which method is the most efficient choice. We will then be moving onto learning about shape, focussing in more detail on angles, comparing angles as well as finding missing angles.

This half term, we will be starting a new Geography unit of work all about world trade. We will be learning about where our food comes from, the process that is undertaken from growth to production to distribution and how this has an effect on a range of countries across the world, focussing on the concepts of Environment and Interconnections. We will also be thinking about alternative solutions to reduce our food miles and how this can become sustainable in the future, linking to the concept of Environmental impact and sustainability.

Our next unit of work in science is Forces where we will be building on our knowledge from Y3 to determine how different examples of friction can be affected, linking to their use in the real world. We will learn about air resistance, gravity and water resistance alongside the use of pulleys and gears to alleviate the strength of force needed to lift an object. We will use the concepts of pattern seeking, comparison and fair testing and identifying, classifying and grouping to determine the answer to a range of enquiries to aid our scientific understanding.

We will continue to learn how to play the ukulele throughout this half term focusing on chord changes and learning the new chord of G. During PE lessons, we will be playing cricket and learning how to create movements to match a theme in a solar system themed dance unit. Please make sure your child has suitable footwear in order to complete these lessons, especially as we endeavour to use our outside areas as much as possible. PE days for both classes remain as Thursday and Friday.


Miss Latham and Mr Walker

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