Spring 1 in Y6

Tuesday 04 Jan 2022 15:06pm

Hi everyone and welcome back!

We really hope you had a lovely Christmas and a restful break. We can’t wait to get into some new learning this half term!

Our English learning will link to our class book,  Private Peaceful by Michael Morpurgo. This is a fantastic book that will really help the children develop their reading and writing skills. In writing, we will be looking specifically at the characters in the book and writing a character study, using evidence from the text to support our thinking. We will also write a letter as well as a narrative and an information text.

A target we will be working towards will be choosing when to write formally or informally. When reading at home, you can help your child with this target by identifying if the text is formal or informal. In reading, we will continue to answer different types of reading questions including retrieval, inference, summarising, sequencing and so on.

Private Peaceful is as a great book to help us understand life during World War 1 which supports our History learning this half term. We will continue our decoding and comprehension skills with this book too. At home, when your child is reading to you, please ensure they are reading with intonation.

In History we will continue our work on World War 1 by studying what life was like during that time as well as why it ended. We will then move onto our learning about World War 2, thinking about how life changed after World War 1, who Anne Frank is and also how significant the Blitz was. Key concepts include: similarities and differences, significance as well as change and continuity.

Our Maths learning will see us continuing to learn about fractions, as well as decimals and percentages. We will start with multiplying fractions when we return as this is one of our main targets. Get a head start by watching this video: https://vimeo.com/475426110. We will understand how these link and answer reasoning and problem-solving questions surrounding them. Then, we will move onto ratio and how this links closely to our understanding of fractions of amounts.

In Science, we will be learning about Electricity and what makes a circuit. We will have a go at designing and conducting our own experiments. They main concepts we will on are: asking questions, identifying, testing and data collection, as well as evaluation. 

PE days are:

Wednesday and Thursday for both Y6 classes.

Again, just like last half term, there are many ways to help your child at home. It is so important for your child to read 4 times a week for a minimum for 20 minutes each time! Timestable Rockstars and Mathletics are great – they will help your child consolidate learning that they have done in school. Also, each week on google classrooms, we will continue to set homework.



We can’t wait to get going this half term! 

Y6 Team

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